Doing Camping The Right Way

Getting to Know in Depth the Basics of Camping

In most of the places across the world, people practice camping as an outdoor activity in various far places from their homes mostly during free times like during holiday seasons. Camping is however known as an outdoor activity mainly because it involves spending a couple of nights away from your home in a shelter mostly a tent. Camping is however not only limited to an individual since one can go for camping with his or her friends or other family members or even colleagues. However, the main objective of camping is creating fun and hence this is the main reason why most of the people will always move from various developed areas like urban areas to various underdeveloped areas which are more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment.

Camping is however not the same as picnicking or even day-tripping though all are recreational activities mainly because of some few features that are in camping but not in some of these other recreational activities. For camping to be properly differentiated from other recreation activities mostly picnicking or even day tripping, it has to be long term involving a minimum of one overnight being spent away from home which is not involved in some of the other short term recreation activities. Camping more advantageous than most of the other recreation activities as it can be done and enjoyed through all the four seasons in a year. Camping as a recreation activity has other sub branches where some of the main types pf camping are discussed below.

The first form of camping that is also practiced by various people across the world is known as adventure camping. Most of the people who race during the day, and camp in a minimalist way at night however do practice adventure camping and hence being referred to as adventure racing or mountain biking. There are various basic equipment that are used by the adventure campers and most of them include micro-camping stove, sleeping bag , and bivouac shelter.

Dry camping is the other form of camping that is also practiced by most of the people. Just as the word stets, dry camping involves spending several overnights in a place known as a dry camp where there is no adequate water. However, dry camping is mostly practiced in various arid areas or deserts often preferred due to the risk of flash floods and hence this forces the campers to carry their own water in and out of camp, which requires much more preparation.

The other common type of camping that is also commonly practiced in various parts of the world is known as canoe camping that is almost similar to backpacking form of camping.

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